Pure Female Bull Terrier in BUCKLAND, Western Australia for sale

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Pure breed female bull terrier named Lily is looking for her forever home.
She was rescued roughly 2 years ago and then dumped on me and my family, and as we are moving we cannot both take her with us or afford to keep her.
This is a very regrettful sale, i never hoped to have to do this.
Lily is a beautiful white bully, with brindle ears. She only has minimal training and would need a loving person to properly train her.
She would be suit someone who has previously had bull terriers as they do prove to be a tough breed. For the time we've had her she has never shown the common OCD traits of bull terriers (meaning she doesn't chew everything she can, or chase her tail).
She is a cuddly dog and loves attention. She also would love a teddy to cuddle as she's had one previously.
She will NEED: Enclosed, large fences (as she will jump short fences and if she can get out, she will escape), to be caged or crated at night (or to be brought inside, i think she would more suit being an inside dog.)
She needs to be in a home without other pets. She HATES cats and will get jealous of another dog.
I am unsure of how she will be around small kids and i DO NOT recommend it.
She would suit a family with older kids (teenagers?), a young adult, or a couple.
She is the perfect guard dog but she needs a lot of love and training.
We are unsure of her age but estimate it at 3-5. She is not fixed.
We will be VERY strict on the family she goes too as this breed can be exsposed to baiting and fighting, and will want her to go to a safe and loving home for the rest of her long life.
We are negtiable to the right family/new owner.